Back Pain Treatment in Louisville, KY

Treatment for Back Pain

Anyone who has suffered back pain knows how uncomfortable it can be. Back pain is common and can affect anyone, ranging from mild to severe. It can become debilitating. Luckily, chiropractic care can help. At Dixie Injury & Rehab, serving Shively and Dixie, KY, our team of experts will diagnose and treat your back pain. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless rehabilitation that gets you back on your feet, living a pain-free life. Our treatment methods are non-invasive and drug-free, so you can avoid risky surgeries and medications.

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What Are Common Causes of Back Pain?

Many factors and activities could trigger back pain. However, there are some that are more common than others. The following are causes of back pain that our chiropractor sees often.

  • Sleeping: The spine is flexible and assumes a natural curve. When this curve is affected predominantly by a poor sleeping posture, back strains can become inevitable.
  • Smoking: Nicotine is known to intercept blood flow to the disks, which are tasked with cushioning the vertebrae. Lack of essential cushioning can result in severe back pains.
  • Sporting activities: Sports, especially those that are non-contact, expose participants to back pain complications. This is because they dictate that players have to stand for a very long time with minimal movement. Examples of such sports are golf and tennis.
  • Poor Posture: Hunching your shoulders and back all day can cause muscle aches and pains in the back. Continuous poor posture may create chronic back pain.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

When you visit our chiropractor for back pain, we will perform a physical exam and possibly X-rays to determine what is causing your pain. After a diagnosis, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you. Our chiropractor may use one or a combination of methods to alleviate pain and help your back heal. This may include the following.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Our chiropractor will manually realign the spine and neck. This will alleviate pressure and tension in the back. A properly aligned spine is vital in preventing injuries and pain. We can also decompress the spine to allow it to stretch out and ensure your disks are in alignment.

Muscle Stimulation

We employ this approach, especially in cases where back pains are a result of muscle strain. This therapy is designed to train the muscles and prevent future injuries. Muscle strains are commonly triggered by carrying heavy items or sudden awkward movements.

Exercise Therapy

This method provides stretching and strengthening exercises to improve your range of motion in your back. These exercises can also prevent future back strains.

Schedule an Appointment for Back Pain Relief

Back pain injuries demand swift response in terms of treatment and management. If left untreated, your condition could worsen. At Dixie Injury and Rehab, serving Shively and Dixie, KY, our experts will provide personalized care for your back injury. Our natural treatment methods will get you back to living a pain-free life. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today.


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