Personal Injury Treatment in Louisville, KY

Personal injuries can happen to anyone, at any time, and at any place. If you are an injury victim, it can be challenging to recover from these types of damages without help from a chiropractor. For example, suppose you are seeking help for chronic or acute pain that resulted in a personal injury. In that case, it's best to visit a chiropractor specializing in treating personal injury and can help restore your physical health completely. A chiropractor is trained to recognize personal injuries, knowing the relationship between physical elements in the human body. Their practice makes them the perfect medical professional to help restore your physical health and get back on track after a personal injury.

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At Dixie Injury & Rehab, we are here to help Dixie and Shively, KY, residents through our chiropractor. We want to help residents feel their best after an injury and restore their health to live a life free of pain and suffering.

What Is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury is any type of injury caused by accident. This accident can include physical injuries, such as a slip and fall that leads to a concussion. However, more common injuries include auto accident injuries, sports injuries, and assault. These can lead to severe and traumatic injuries, such as lacerations, muscle sprains and strains, broken and dislocated bones, and internal injuries that require help from our chiropractor to heal fully. If you suffer from a personal injury, our chiropractor can help determine the extent of your damage and provide you with the best treatment possible.

How Does Our Chiropractor Treat a Personal Injury?

Our chiropractor will determine the extent of your injury by conducting a physical exam and imaging tests like x-rays. They can then offer the best chiropractic care, which can include muscle massages and muscle exercises to help restore injured muscles and, therefore, physical health. These actions involve restoring the muscles' strength, mobility, and range of motion.

In addition, our chiropractor can also help through spinal adjustment and manual adjustment of the extremities. These can help alleviate pain and inflammation, restore balance, and improve your physical well-being after a personal injury.

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