Muscle Stimulations

While traditional chiropractic methods are highly effective at treating conditions like back and shoulder pain, chiropractic care can be more effective when combined with other therapies. Muscle stimulation is a therapy that's able to relieve pain and restore mobility. At Dixie Injury & Rehab, we have provided residents of Dixie, Shivley, and Louisville with muscle stimulation therapy for many years.


What Is Muscle Stimulation?

Also known as electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), muscle stimulation is a therapy that uses electrical pulses to stimulate muscles in a targeted area. These pulses are designed to mimic signals that the brain sends to the body. The process stimulates the muscles and causes them to contract. 

Muscle stimulation can also deliver electrical pulses to nerves. It's a highly effective way to relieve pain and can also be used to increase blood flow to certain areas of the body. This can promote healing, leading to faster recovery from injuries. It can also prevent injuries by keeping muscles warm. 

This therapy is frequently used to treat athletes with sore muscles, but it can also be used on people with chronic pain or other health conditions. It can be very beneficial to people with long-term conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis because it's a way to stimulate muscles without exercise. 

What Are the Benefits of Muscle Stimulation?

Not only is muscle stimulation an effective way to treat back pain, shoulder pain, and pain in other parts of the body, but this therapy can also create a stronger link between your brain and your muscles. Once you start EMS, you may find that it's easier for you to strengthen your muscles or complete certain exercises. 

This treatment is also highly beneficial to people that are recovering from an injury. It's a safe and natural way to manage pain as the body heals. In addition, muscle stimulation can help to prevent muscle atrophy during the recovery process. The muscles will contract as they're stimulated, which will activate the muscles and keep them from becoming weak.

Muscle stimulation can also relieve muscle tension. It's a relaxing therapy and offers many of the same benefits as massage therapy. The electrical pulses will provide instant relief to sore, stiff, and tense muscles. While this therapy can get your muscles moving, it's much more relaxing than a workout! 

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