intersegmental Traction Therapy

Guide to Intersegmental Traction with Our Chiropractor

You'll likely benefit from intersegmental traction therapy if you suffer back pain or muscle spasms. Learn more about this treatment in this quick guide from our Dixie Injury & Rehab team in Shively, KY, or Dixie, KY.


What Is Intersegmental Traction and How Does It Work?

Intersegmental traction stretches the ligaments and tendons in the spinal column. You will lie down on a specialized segmented table when you have intersegmental traction therapy.

This table is equipped with rollers, which will move up and down the spine. These rollers will lift different sections of your body slightly, allowing for a gentle stretch.

Benefits of Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental traction provides the patient with several benefits. Some of these include the following:

  • Relief from chronic pain and tension
  • Improved flow of blood and oxygen to the spinal discs
  • Increase range of motion
  • Reduction of muscle spasms
  • Improved quality of sleep

Does It Hurt?

You shouldn’t feel pain during treatment. Patients tend to find it a relaxing experience. However, if you notice discomfort or pain, let your chiropractor know immediately. Our chiropractor can stop the table anytime, and they will look more closely into what might be causing the pain.

What Conditions Can It Treat?

Intersegmental traction is adequate for many purposes, from maintaining spinal health to treating injuries. Some common uses include lower back pain, arthritis, stiff neck, and shoulder pain.

How can a back treatment help with shoulder pain? We’re glad you asked. Your back consists of nerves, ligaments, muscles, and tendons – as do your shoulders.

While the shoulders might seem like a very different body part from the back, each section’s components can impact the other. In short, an issue in the upper back may cause or contribute to your back pain. You’ll often find that your shoulder pain has also been treated by addressing issues in the back.

How Long Do Treatments Take?

Treatment time can vary between patients and their specific conditions. However, in most cases, they’ll last 10 minutes or less. How many treatments you need depends on your condition. Some patients might need treatment several times a week, while others only need one per week.

Visit Our Chiropractor

To learn if intersegmental traction is the right choice, schedule an appointment with our Dixie Injury & Rehab team in Shively, KY, or Dixie, KY, by calling (502) 447-9554 today. Speak to our chiropractor about any further concerns you have. We would be happy to assist you with anything you require.