Migraine Treatment

Migraines can be extremely painful but using simple remedies and changing your habits can help ease or even stop migraines. Our chiropractor at Dixie Injury & Rehab serving Louisville, KY, Dixie, KY, and Shively, KY, can help treat your migraines or other issues. Consider a few ways to ease your symptoms: 



Exercising on a regular basis might help alleviate migraine pain. It can also ease problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety which might make your symptoms worse. Our chiropractor can provide specific exercises to help you get relief from your migraines and support your overall health and well being. 

Manage Stress

Stress and migraines can go hand in hand to create a vicious cycle. For example, Stress can trigger migraines but the pain you experience because of it can make stress worse.

Managing stress can help make your life easier by alleviating your pain. If possible, avoid situations that can create stress and trigger migraines. You can also deal with stress by doing activities such as listening to music, exercising, taking breaks, or spending time with friends. 

Seek a Calm Environment

When you first notice a sign of a migraine, try finding a calm place to go if you can. For instance, you can go to a quiet bedroom, turn off the lights, lie down, and try to go to sleep if possible.

This is because your current environment could be making your migraine worse. Noise and other factors can trigger your problem. Therefore, you should try heading to a calm place.

Change Your Diet

Certain foods can trigger migraine attacks. For instance, alcohol can be triggers for some people. Eliminating these foods from your diet can be a great idea to help you avoid migraines. To figure out if specific foods trigger your headaches, you can keep a food diary, so you know which foods may negatively affect you. 

See Our Chiropractor

Our chiropractor can help alleviate migraine pain by performing spinal manipulation or adjustments. These treatments can help enhance spinal function and lower stress. We may also use soft tissue mobilization to help you deal with pain. We use natural methods to help patients heal from a variety of conditions. If you'd like help from a chiropractic expert, just search for a “chiropractor near me” and visit our chiropractic care team. 

Get Migraine Treatment form Our Chiropractor

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