Rehabilitative Services

Our staff at Kentucky Injury & Rehab in Shively/Dixie offer a variety of rehabilitation services designed to restore bodily function. We specialize in treating auto accident injuries and personalized treatment regimens ensure the highest quality of care possible. Our chiropractor, Dr. Neil Langschied, wants you to know about the rehabilitation practices at Kentucky Injury & Rehab.

A doctor holding a woman's feet

Brain Injury Testing

Brain damage is incredibly serious. Concussions caused by auto-accidents blows to the head, or from a slip and fall accident can dramatically impact your life. Our staff provides in-depth brain injury testing to determine the severity and allow us to create a treatment plan for your specific case. This leads to faster recovery times and alleviated discomfort.

Muscle Stimulation

Our staff utilizes a device that sends electrical impulses to injured areas of the body. A technician will place the device onto the injured or sore muscle and then send electrical impulses to the area. This can be used to help treat pain and recover from injuries faster. It is ideal for athletes and anyone who has a busy and active lifestyle.

Neurological Medical Services

Kentucky Injury & Rehab is proud to have neurologists on staff! The inclusion of these professionals means that we can help treat patients with spinal cord injuries, brain damage, or nerve problems. Collaborating with our chiropractor, our neurologists solve the problems that arise from brain malfunction. This is particularly important for people who have been involved in an auto accident as brain injuries often arise from whiplash. We will create a plan that is perfectly suited to your unique needs and condition.

Exercise Therapy

Injuries can arise at anytime. Regardless of whether your pain developed from an accident at the gym, auto accident, or workplace injury, we will guide you through the healing process. Our staff provides numerous exercises to help treat the injury, build up strength, and increase coordination. This helps ensure that you recover as quickly as possible and are able to resume your normal activities.

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