Neck Pain

When neck pain occurs, it usually makes performing usual tasks difficult for the person experiencing it. If you are suffering from neck pain, contact Dixie Injury & Rehab in Shively/Dixie to meet with our chiropractor. Here are some causes of neck pain, how to avoid them, and what chiropractic care can do to help if you are suffering from this condition.

A woman holding her neck

The Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can happen suddenly, such as after a personal injury or a vehicular accident. It could also happen over time and worsen if treatment is not obtained or if lifestyle changes are not made. An example of this is "text neck" which is a pain in the neck region of the body after looking at a cell phone for long durations of time and via frequent intervals. Neck pain can also happen if you do not use proper ergonomic procedures while on the job. If you need to sit or stand for long amounts of time, neck pain can happen. Pain in the neck area of your body also happens if you use too many pillows to prop yourself up when sleeping.

How to Avoid Neck Pain

To avoid neck pain, evaluate how you perform actions on a routine basis. If you do not use a lumbar support pillow while at a desk working or while driving, consider purchasing one to keep your spine in alignment with the rest of your body. Always use your headrest while in a vehicle and make sure it is centered properly to help stop whiplash from occurring if you need to brake suddenly. Use only one pillow when sleeping to keep your neck from curving too far. It is also wise to set a timer when using your cell phone to remind you to look up every few minutes to help avoid neck strain.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

If you deal with neck pain regularly or if the discomfort associated with your neck pain does not subside after a few days, consider seeking help from our chiropractor. During a visit, our practitioner will assess your condition and provide you with treatment options that do not require invasive procedures or medication. This usually includes spinal adjusting to minimize stress on joints in the areas of your back and neck, temperature therapy, massage, and electric stimulation.

Contact Dixie Injury & Rehab if you live in the Shively/Dixie area and are dealing with neck pain. Our chiropractor will evaluate your difficulties and devise a treatment plan tailored for your condition. Give our office a call at (502) 447-9554 to find out more about the services we provide to those with neck pain.



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