Treatments for Headaches after a Car Accident

When you’ve been through something as traumatic as a car accident, having headaches can complicate your emotional and physical healing from the event. When your head is pounding and you can’t catch a break from a migraine, it may be time to consult with a chiropractor on our team at Dixie Injury & Rehab serving Shively, KY, and surrounding areas. Once the pain lets up, you’ll be able to get back to enjoying life as usual.


Dealing with Headaches after a Car Accident

If you didn’t have chronic headaches before an auto accident, it can be alarming and uncomfortable to get them now. This can increase your stress levels when you have to manage unexpected symptoms. For many people, headaches can be debilitating. The pain can leave them seeking a dark room and a wet cloth over their eyes. While it may seem like your headaches may never end after an accident, there’s always hope for improvement.

Whether you’ve tried to manage your headaches on your own or you know that it’s right for you, getting chiropractic care can be a game changer. Your chiropractor will perform tests to assess what the root cause of your headaches is. After an initial evaluation and consultation, your chiropractor will come up with a plan for how you’ll address the headaches moving forward.

Although chiropractic measures look different for everyone, there are a few common things you can expect to happen when you work with a chiropractor. You may either have a plan for exercises to do in between visits, or your chiropractor may use different techniques to achieve results. Massaging areas related to the head, like the neck and shoulders, may provide relief for your headaches if they are caused by tension in these areas. 

If the first technique or method your chiropractor uses might not immediately fix your headaches. There is no one size fits all approach to treatment. It can sometimes take even the most experienced practitioners more than a single treatment method to find what works for each unique individual. Sometimes you have to figure out what doesn’t work to determine what is helpful. It’s frustrating as a client, but it’s all part of the process.

If you notice your headaches improving after specific techniques are performed on you, do not hesitate to communicate that feedback to your care team. This may indicate that we're heading in the right direction. It can also feel good to acknowledge the progress you've made in your recovery.

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