Shoulder Pain

If you’ve been injured and are suffering from shoulder pain, there are ways to find relief. At Dixie Injury & Rehab in Louisville, KY, our team is here to help. If you’re looking for a chiropractor for shoulder pain relief in Dixie, Louisville, or Shively KY, we are here for you! Here are some ways to manage your shoulder pain. 

Shoulder Pain

Heat and Ice 

If you want to treat your shoulder pain at home, heat and ice are a great way to do so. Heating pads and hot baths will soak the injured muscles in heat, releasing tension and improving blood flow to the injured area. This will reduce your pain while promoting faster healing. You should alternate this heat with ice, which can reduce inflammation and numb any lingering pain. While both techniques work well on their own, alternating them will give you the benefits of both. 

Chiropractic Care 

A chiropractor can be a great addition to your shoulder pain management. Your chiropractor will determine what is causing your pain and use that information to set up a personalized care plan. They’ll use techniques like spinal adjustments, massage therapy, and customized exercises to eliminate your pain and keep it from returning in the future. They can also provide advice on lifestyle choices that make a big difference in your health. If you have good exercise, sleep, and diet habits, it can give your body a better chance of avoiding future injuries.


Even if you don’t feel up to a full exercise routine, stretching every day can make a big difference in your pain levels. Your body needs to move to keep the muscles healthy. By stretching, you make them more flexible. This keeps them strong and prevents injury. Stretch slowly and carefully, making sure that you ease into it. If you stretch incorrectly, you could pull a muscle and cause more damage. So, if you’re unsure what kinds of stretches you should do, talk to your chiropractor for advice. They can help you do it safely. 


Sometimes, your shoulders need some rest. Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep during the night. Then take breaks as your pain demands during the day. By combining this advice with other options for pain management, you can give your body the balance of rest and movement that it needs.

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