Chiropractic Care

Shively/Dixie boasts one of the outstanding chiropractic institutions of this commonwealth: Dixie Injury & Rehab. We concentrate on therapeutic intervention for acute trauma to the spine, neck, and back. One of the major groups of people we treat are people who have been injured in an automobile accident. Our intense familiarity with the myriad damage done to the body by the titanic stresses of a car accident lets us know exactly where to look for the deepest, most hidden traumas. We diagnose and treat at every level, examining the body as a whole so as to ameliorate the auto injury as a whole.

A chiropractor doing leg treatment

Chiropractic Intervention after an Automobile Accident

Cars travel at speeds far in excess of anything a human being would encounter in nature, and when cars crash, they transfer these forces and momentum to the human body in ways that are unpredictable and deeply traumatic.  This is true even if the people in the accident were fully belted in and protected by every safety feature in the car. The force of the impact will still have an effect on them, and this effect is often felt in the spine, back, neck, and head.

The cervical vertebrae of the spine, or the bones of the neck between the shoulders and the skull, are perhaps the most vulnerable to auto injury. Even a simple fall can disrupt the delicate arrangement that allows you a full range of motion and a life unhindered by neck pain. Fortunately, this is an area where a chiropractor from our office is likely to have the most experience.  The atlas and the axis, the two vertebrae that sit immediately under the skull, are well known to get pushed out of position in an auto injury. The spinal cord, which is often impinged upon by misalignment of the atlas and the axis, can also be bent and deformed by injuries and disarrangement of vertebrae all up and down the spine. We will examine the spine as a whole, from the base of the skull to the tip of the tailbone, and use time-honored non-invasive techniques to relieve all points of pinching, tearing, stress, and resistance. The result will be less discomfort, greater range of mobility, and a faster recovery from the damages done by an automobile accident.

Seeking Treatment in Central Kentucky

Dixie Injury & Rehab remains committed to the health of Shively/Dixie and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We will be happy to examine you thoroughly, make a diagnosis, and help to determine a plan of treatment. Our assistance can make a real difference in rehabilitation and comfort. Give us a call at (502) 447-9554 to set up an appointment.


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