Headaches Treatment

The American Chiropractic Association estimates that nine out of every ten people in America suffer from headaches. It may seem as if you are powerless to stop them, but there are many things you can do to treat headaches. Dixie Injury & Rehab serving Louisville, Dixie, and Shively, KY, takes a closer look at headaches.

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Keep a Headache Journal

There are often many things that trigger headache attacks. These triggers are different for everyone. Write down when you have your headaches and how long they last. Write what you ate and drank that day, if you slept well, or if you were under particular stress. Mention if there was anything that really irritated you right before you had your headache, such as if there was a strong smell or a constant flickering light at the store you shopped. Share this journal with your chiropractor.

Eat a Better Diet

What you eat and drink can greatly affect your headaches. You know you should eat better, but it’s hard to know what to eat since so much conflicting information is available. Going to a chiropractor will help you find out what foods and drinks can help lower your chances of getting headaches. You can also find out which nutritional supplements are best. Many chiropractors recommend their patients go on B complex vitamins and drink more water.

Be Sure to Stretch

Many of us lead inactive lives, sitting in front of a computer or other piece of machinery all day. This puts pressure on your joints, muscles, and nerves, irritating them and causing headaches. Be sure to get up and stretch every half hour. Even just standing up and sitting back down is better than nothing.

Get Postural Correction

How you stand and sit can greatly influence whether you have a headache. Even sleeping on your stomach can increase your likelihood of getting tension type headaches since it makes your neck turn at an unnatural angle. Learn how to get better posture from a chiropractor.

Spinal Manipulation

Many health problems like headaches are caused by the spine being out of alignment. This puts pressure on our nerves and causes muscles to knot up. Chiropractors have techniques to realign your spine so that your body can help function normally.


This is also called electrical muscle stimulation. E-stim is another kind of therapy offered by your chiropractor. It can be safely used along with other therapies like spinal manipulation. Low doses of electrical currents cause your muscles to contract and relax, stimulating your body to release natural painkillers.

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